Robert Taylor was a philosopher. He learned his craft in The school of hard knocks. Yet, his basic belief was, “Life is Good.”
     He experienced losses and heartache, as have his readers. He carried on with optimism and good humor.  He wanted his readers to do the same. 
     When he was nine, his mother died suddenly. He married and had four children, two of whom preceded him in death, as did their mother.
     In later years life was better for Bob. He married Emilie. His daughters gave him a grandson and a granddaughter.  The granddaughter gave him a great grandson, who was the light of his life.  His son, who is also a writer, lives in California.
     In spite of the bumps in the road of life, Bob Taylor maintained his conviction that, “Life is Good.”  
--Juanita Sparks, July 2011
Bob Taylor, Author Emeritus
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