Kay Mauser, Author
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     I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and after graduating from high school married and raised a family.  We lived in Cleveland, Tucson, Albuquerque and lastly, Denver.
     In Albuquerque the public school system did not offer kindergarten classes. A neighbor and I worked on a "Round Robin School" for the mothers of pre-school children in their neighborhoods. Five parents formed the school group and each parent took the children one morning a week. To ensure a structured play environment we made a lesson plan and a copy was given to each mother. It worked out great in our neighborhood and we later were able to market our plan.
     In 1972 I began working for Mountain Bell. Through work-related classes I achieved what the telephone company equated as an Associate Degree in Electronics. 
     After retiring from the telephone company, my husband and I moved to Windsor Gardens. Soon after moving to Windsor I joined the Writers Group.  The group helped me develop my skills as a writer but there is still a long way to go.
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