Fred Hobbs, Author
   A graduate of the University of Colorado School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Hobbs began his longtime broadcasting and public relations career as a teenage student disc jockey on KFEL-FM in Denver (the first FM radio station in the city) in 1948.   During his college days, he worked at KBOL-AM in Boulder, where he eventually became program director.  From 1954-1956, Hobbs served in the US Army, as a disc jockey and feature reporter on the American Forces Network’s station in Berlin, Germany.  He worked at radio stations KDEN and KLZ. Denver and in the news departments of television stations Channel 2 and 7. Later, he formed his own public relations firm, while serving as part time instructor in the CU Journalism School.  
   After retirement, Hobbs retained an involvement in broadcasting by combining “old time radio” with the modern technology of the Internet.  He hosted a monthly on-line program of selected vintage radio network shows, interviews and special features on behalf of the Radio Historical Association of Colorado.  Hobbs married the late Mary Ellen Rostetter in 1963. He left two sons, Lawrence Hobbs in Folsom, Califonia and Fred Hobbs, Jr., Erie, Colorado; a daughter, Jennifer Shouse, Denver and five grandchildren. 
All writings are copyright of the author and may not be used or reposted without permission. 
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Farewell to Fred Hobbs
Windsor Life, January, 2015