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Challenge for Monday, May 4, 2020  :   Sophy - What I Learned in the Pandemic

A World Disaster That's an Important Teacher, by CC Huffhines
Joggers, by Pam Jundt
Learning in 2020 Pandemic, by Eydie McDaniel
What I Have Learned, by LIz Gibbons
What I Learned Through our Vacation During the Coronavirus, by Sophy Churches
Being Retired and Reminded What Blessings I Have, by Jeanne Lee
This Pandemic is a Lesson in Patience, by Dennis Knight
Just Rain, by Morri Namasté
What I Learned, by Barbara Snyder
Playing the Piano Again, by Joan Mish
Memories Not About a Virus, by Cindy Peters
My Grandma's Story, by Jean Stene
Learning to Cut My Own Hair, by  Marilynn Reeves