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Challenge for Monday, April 6, 2020  :  Cindy Peters - A Pet Story

The Orphan, by Cindy Peters

Two Cats and a Dog, by Marilynn Reeves

Don't Forget the Rawhide!, by Jeanne Lee

Topaz, by Liz Gibbons

Challenge for Monday, March 30, 2020  :  Diane Parker - Favorite T.V. Sitcoms from the Sixties  
TV Favorites of the 1960's, by Liz Gibbons
Pace Yourself, potpourri by Eydie McDaniel
Old Friends, by Jean Stene
If They Said it Was So, by Morri Namasté
Your Favorite 60's TV Shows, by Diane Parker
Am I the Nut in that Sitcom? by Dennis Knight
Favorite TV Shoes in the 60's and 70's, by Joan Mish
My Favorite Sitcoms, by Barbara Snyder
Bottle, Bottle, Don't Need My Bottle, by Jeanne Lee
Favorite Sitcoms, by Marilynn Reeves
Art Reflects Life, by Pete Clark

Challenge for Monday, March 23, 2020  :  Morri Namaste -  Things I Do When There is Nothing to Do     
What Was That Again, by Morri Namasté
What to Do When There is Nothing to Do, by Pam Jundt
What and How to Do When You are Very, Very Busy, by Sophy Churches
Catching Up on Movie Watching, by Liz Gibbons
Fascination with the Mundane, by Barbara Snyder
Relic of the Past, by Pete Clark
Fighting Vainly the Old Ennui, by Dennis Knight
Stepping Up My Kindness, by Kenita Gibbins
Whiling Away, by CC Huffhines
Things I Do, by Marilynn Reeves
UFO's Rejoice, by Jeanne Lee
The Bored are Hopeless, by Kenita Gibbins

Challenge for Monday, March 16, 2020  :  Eydie McDaniel -  Choice of "Statue" or "A Habit I Would Like to Have
The Habit of Saving Money, by Hap Hansen
Dang! Wish I Had Done That! by CC Huffhines
7 Habits, by Cindy Peters
The Great Colorado Diamond Rush, potpourri, by Dennis Knight
Praying, by Doris Thompson
Statues, or a Habit I Would Like to Have, by Eydie McDaniel
Halo Statue, by Jeanne Lee
What is On My Mind, potpourri, by Kenita Gibbins
A Habit Routine I Intend to Follow, by Liz Gibbons
Habit, by Marilynn Reeves 
A Habit I Wish I Had, by Pam Jundt
Old Billy, by Morri Namasté