Natalie Lawson, Author
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Windsor Gardens Writers Group   -   595 South Clinton Street   -   Denver, Colorado 80247
Haunted for a Little While (7/16)

A Little Less Wisdom (7/16)

A Calm Life (7/16)

Useful Cars (6/16)

I Didn't Hear That (6/16)

Fragile Interlude (6/16)

Amusement Rides 1939 (6/16)

Showers Galore (5/16)

Prized Unfinished Dreams (5/16)

Melting Ah-ha Moments (5/16)

Competing to the End (4/16)

My Favorite Black and White Movie (3/16)

Coffee and Memories (3/16)

Serendipity on Roller Skates (2/16)

Content Older Person (2/16)

Bible Translated (2/16)

The Best of 2015 for Me (1/16)

Daily Expectations (1/16)

Challenging Don Quixote (1/16)

Blue Skies (1/16)

A Peaceful Path (1/16)

A Feathery Recital (1/16)

Who's There? Huh? (11/15)

Snow Like Diamonds (11/15)

Life is Like a Bowl of Cherries (11/15)

A Special Invitation (11/15)

Festive Seasons by the Month (10/15)

A Playful Gremlin (10/15)

The Love of Books (9/15)

Reluctance to Letting Go (9/15)

Daily Telephone Calls (9/15)

America's Almighty Highways (9/15)

ZZZ Unexpected Visit (8/15)

Contrivances, Gadgets and Gizmos (8/15)

Clubs Impacted My Life (6/15) 

Dreams From a Distance (6/15)

Honestly, It Was Spic and Span (6/15)

Helping the Economy (5/15)

The Many Facets of an American Life (5/15)

Winning Gains (5/15)

My Wonderful World (5/15)

When We're Coming of Age (4/15)

Special Comfort Food (4/15)

A Historical Vacation (4/15)

Good Bless All Veterans (3/15)

Going to Denver (2/15)

Possibilities (2/15)

Thinking Out Loud (2/15)

Canoeing in the East (1/15)

Learning to Cook (1/15)

New Furniture (1/15)

Stupidity - Oh, No! (1/15)

Truth is Truth (1/15)

Heart Stopping Silence (12/14)
Observational Free (12/14)

Visions (11/14)

Coming Home for the Holidays (11/14)

Forgiveness (11/14)

I've enjoyed living in Windsor Gardens for 21 years. My family consists of five children twelve grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Once a month I lunch with my JCP Retiree Group. I'm active in the Wiindsor Gardens Breakfast Optimist Club and am past president of two other Optimist Clubs. Participation in the entertainment events keeps me busy. I just recently joined the Writers Group.