Liz Gibbons, Author
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Growing up in West Lafayette, Indiana, where my father was a biology professor, provided a pretty secure childhood with many opportunities. After teaching summer school my father had about a month free before the fall semester began. We usually took a month long vacation to some area of the US or Canada, camping along the way in state and national parks to be able to afford to do so. We visited most of the states over the years.

My father loved nature, and I followed in his footsteps majoring in biology at Purdue and earning a Master’s degree in zoology at The University of Michigan. When our two sons were born I resisted full-time 8 to 5 employment as much as I could, but I have worked at a variety of jobs including high school biology teacher, direct sales, management, legal secretary, and real estate sales.

A love of learning was instilled in me from my childhood, and I have continued to take a variety of courses over the years. I have self published one book, Overfed and Undernourished, Taking the Confusion out of Healthy Eating. Joining the Writers Group has provided me with the challenge of writing in a different manner, which I am thoroughly enjoying.